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Holistic Treatment for Cervical Pain: A Wellness Journey from Foot to Head

Welcome to our wellness oasis, where we offer a specialized treatment for alleviating cervical pain. Our unique and comprehensive approach is designed to bring relief and deep relaxation, following a path that involves the entire body, from the feet to the head.

Plantar Reflexology for Cervical Relief

Our treatment begins with targeted plantar reflexology, focusing on the cervical reflex area. This technique stimulates specific points on the feet that correspond to the cervical zone, initiating the process of relaxation and pain relief.

Energy Balancing with Reiki

We continue with energy balancing through Reiki, a natural healing method that helps to restore the body's energy balance. This stage of the treatment is crucial for reducing stress and promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.

Facial Reflexology and Cervical Treatment

The journey continues with facial reflexology, a gentle technique that works on the reflex points of the face, followed by a specific treatment for the cervical area. This holistic approach helps to relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and face, easing tension and improving circulation in these areas.

Complete Relaxation of the Head and Hair

The treatment culminates with a gentle manipulation of the head and hair, an experience that allows the recipient to fully surrender to relaxation. This final phase helps to release any remaining tension, leaving a feeling of lightness and well-being.

Two Hours of Pure Wellness

During the two-hour treatment, our clients have the opportunity to entrust their bodies to the expert hands of our therapists, immersing themselves in an experience of pure wellness and rejuvenation.

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These are the processing phases:

In a supine position

- Energy reading of the Chakras

- Foot hydration with Shea butter

- Warming up of the foot joints

- Manual foot reflexology treatment.

Belly down

-Vibratory mechanical reflexology treatment of the foot, legs and buttocks.

-Manual and mechanical treatment of the shoulder with focus on the cervical area up to the head.

In a supine position

Chakra balancing (if necessary) via Reiki

Facial reflexology treatment of relaxation, toning, mandatory basic points (MBP) and concentration on the reflex areas corresponding to the cervical vertebrae.

The treatment takes place in Bari in the studio, at home or in the middle of nature on a hill overlooking the sea in the territory of Polignano a Mare.

At least one weekly session is recommended.

Duration about 120 '

WARNINGS: These treatments are not substitutes for medicine.

To avoid the risk of injury, consult your doctor before starting this exercise program. Particular attention should be paid to pregnant women


Finally I received a cervical-lumbar treatment that gave results .... Immediately and prolonged over the days ...

I suffer from persistent and continuous pains that limit my movements ... I tried this energetic, manual and mechanical treatment ... In addition to a pleasant relaxation, I felt the pain diminish

I was fine x days ... Obviously I repeated the treatment .... And I will continue to do it at least every week. Thanks to Jhon's professionalism and competence, I now feel much better

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