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FULL BODY treatment

from the head... onwards

Full-body treatment € 60

Regenerates the body and mind

The full body holistic treatment section takes place on a bed and involves the whole body.

The environment is made comfortable by the lights, music and essences.

The treatment begins with the client prone and the preparation of the feet and legs up to the buttocks, first one leg and then the other. We then move on to meticulously treat the shoulder in length and breadth. With the client in the supine position, the treatment begins towards the front of the feet, legs, groin. Then we move on to the belly, chest, chest, shoulders, neck. The third and final phase consists in treating the hands, arms, neck, head and face.

The lymphatic drainage treatment aims to promote the drainage of lymphatic fluids, reducing stagnation through stimulation.

The decontracting treatment consists of fractionation and brushing maneuvers followed by rubbing and kneading maneuvers, pressure-type manipulations, pinching maneuvers and percussion movements (small taps given to the affected area).

The full body treatment allows you to recharge by increasing individual well-being, making movements more fluid and improving the consciousness of your body. The treatment works on the muscular and circulatory system, instilling a state of deep relaxation and psychophysical well-being, lowering stress and improving posture.

To facilitate processing, light oils and aromas are used,

For relaxation of muscles, joints and mind

The treatment takes place in Bari in the studio, at home or in the middle of nature on a hill overlooking the sea in the territory of Polignano a Mare.

At least one weekly session is recommended.

Duration about 60 '

WARNINGS: These treatments are not substitutes for medicine.

To avoid the risk of injury, consult your doctor before starting this exercise program. Particular attention should be paid to pregnant women