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The origin of the Tibetan bells can be traced back to the complex Bon spiritual universe, which pre-existed the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet. Bon is a form of shamanism which attributed to bells and other instruments, such as cymbals and gongs, a great healing power and the ability to bring man closer to the divinities. It is also said that the monks kept very ancient bells inside the monasteries that had become pilgrimage destinations.

‍     In 1959 Tibet was invaded by China and with the exile of the Dalai Lama in India many monks fled to the West. Initially the bells were used for religious practices, later for their healing power in sound therapy. Currently we can find Tibetan bell treatments in yoga schools and wellness centers, to promote meditation and relaxation. Besides that, they are used in sound therapy and vibrational healing.

What are singing bowls?

The bells are bowls made of 7 metals (silver, mercury, copper, gold, iron, tin, lead) which symbolically correspond to the 7 celestial bodies of the solar system (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) and the 7 chakras of the body. In fact, each bell is tuned to a specific musical note and frequency that affects a given chakra. The bells usually have dimensions ranging from 8 to 35 cm but can also have larger diameters.

Why do a sound-vibrational treatment with Tibetan bells?

Our body, like a musical instrument, can "forget" due to stress or emotions experienced. This can generate blockages in the flow of energy, which manifest as low-frequency energetic changes in the energy field and then as disease in the physical body. Sound can help us boost lower frequencies, restoring balance. One of the characteristics of the sound of Tibetan bells is that of not using force but getting to the bottom with delicacy, creating a state of deep inner and outer stillness different from simple relaxation. In general, bells can help:

- relax completely and deeply;

- feeling more energetic;

- recall the inner silence;

- induce meditative states;

- promote sensory regeneration;

- release emotional and muscular tensions;

- promote concentration;

- rebalance the chakras.

How does a sound-vibrational treatment of singing bowls work?

The treatment lasts from about 60 to 90 minutes. The person lying down, first in a supine and then prone position, receives the sound-vibrational treatment from the operator who will gradually place the bells on specific points of the body, corresponding to the main chakras. Usually the treatment starts from the feet up to the head. The bells are played by rubbing and percussion of the clapper on the edge of the bell, this will generate a sound and a vibration that will spread throughout the body, creating relaxation and dissolving tensions.

What to wear for a sound-vibrational treatment of singing bowls?

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing without metal elements (buttons, zippers, belts, bracelets…) because they would vibrate together with the bells, distorting the sound and sometimes creating discomfort during the treatment.

WARNINGS: These treatments are not substitutes for medicine.

To avoid the risk of injury, consult your physician before starting this energy-boosting exercise program.

The treatment can NOT be administered to people with pacemakers or who are pregnant.

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